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It’s a fact! Generating B2B leads and 'buying' attention through traditional offline marketing such as cold calling, direct mail, trade shows, prints ads and radio has become less effective. The time has come when you have to ‘earn’ the attention of your prospects.

If your business cannot be found online by prospects in their research stage, you’re losing out big time! Even if they do somehow find you, if you’re not creating compelling content on a regular basis to keep them engaged with your brand you will lose their interest, and fast!

That’s exactly what Webpresence do, and we do it all online. By utilising your website as a hub for your industry we help to attract the attention of your prospects by building familiarity, likeability, awareness and above all, TRUST.

Generating Leads Through SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing

Based in Macclesfield (Cheshire), Webpresence help you to generate more high-quality B2B leads online, enable sales, and measure the impact of all your marketing channels.

Our online B2B lead generation services combine our expertise in SEO, Local Search, Social Media and Content Marketing with striking branded graphic design and real-time lead intelligence to help you to be the ones your prospects FIND, LIKE, TRUST and above all, CHOOSE!

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Some Interesting Facts About Macclesfield

Situated in East Cheshire on the River Bollin, Macclesfield is a relatively affluent market town and the birthplace of Hovis breadmakers. With a bustling business community it is home to AstraZeneca, one of the worlds biggest pharmaceutical companies.

Boasting a population of around 52,000 'Maxonians' it is now nicknamed 'Silk Town' due to it once being the world's largest producer of silk. It was however traditionally named 'Treacle Town' following an incident when a load of treacle was spilt on Hibel Road, and the poor were said to scoop it off the cobbles. This however has been debated, with many stating the reason being that the mill-owners once provided barrels of treacle to the unemployed weavers.

Macclesfield is said to be the only mill town that escaped bombing during the Second World War.