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B2B Content Marketing

Content Marketing

“Web users are consumers of content and you need to deliver compelling content that will engage them, and keep them coming back for more.” ~ Arnie Kuenn

Your prospects buying behaviour is changing! 70% of their buying research is now completed before sales engagement, meaning that your business needs to reach buyers early on in their buying cycle.

When your prospects search the web looking for answers to questions, and solutions to problems your content needs to be found. And when they turn to their peers for information or advice, your business needs to be part of the conversation.

Ensuring that your business is the one they FIND, LIKE, TRUST, and ultimately CHOOSE ensures a sustainable stream of high-quality inbound leads and increased brand awareness.

The Benefits Of Digital Content Marketing;

  • Strengthen your brands presence, increase awareness, and build trust.
  • Helps prospects find you by becoming more visible through search and social channels (and yield more traffic to the site)
  • Generate hot leads at each stage of the buying cycle
  • Continuously attract natural backlinks to your domain (SEO)
  • Build a database of prospects email addresses (Landing Pages)
  • It is an investment, not an on-going expense.

Our Services

Successful digital B2B content marketing starts with a great content strategy. This means developing a deep understanding of what information your prospects are looking for, where they’re looking and the keywords (search terms) they use to find it.

Using the following 6 step process our services help you to reach your prospects early on in their buying cycle, by delivering the content they want, and need;

  • Build relationships with industry influencers/opinion leaders/advocates.
  • Identify the most effective content strategy
  • Create various types of share-worthy optimised content
  • Promote the content through Social Media
  • Outreach to industry influencers and opinion leaders
  • Analyse results, and refine strategies

It’s quite simple really – produce excellent content or lose prospects to your competitors who do.

Want to be the ones your prospects FIND, LIKE, TRUST, and CHOOSE? Chat to a specialist agency in Cheshire today or request a proposal.