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From large corporations to small businesses, international organisations to solo entrepreneurs, having a Twitter profile has been seen as something that is becoming more and more essential. With every single second of the day seeing 11 new accounts and 750 new tweets, and with over 500 million accounts registered and a million more every day,… Read more »

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  More and more people carry smartphones in their pockets, and that means one thing for sure: Apps. People love apps. They’re quick, convenient to use, and there’s one (or two, or more) for just about anything. Hopefully by now your business already has a social media presence and online marketing campaign, so why not… Read more »

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  You’ve almost certainly heard of Pinterest, but have you started to integrate it into your SEO strategy yet? If not then you could be missing out on one of the most significant and effective social media platforms to come along in years. Whatever your assumptions and impressions of Pinterest, lay them to one side… Read more »

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Whether you call it pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC) or just plain old Google Adwords (not that Adwords is by any means the only paid advertising platform of this type), research from a YouGov survey reveals that only 18% of businesses actually manage to recoup the cost of their PPC campaign, let alone make a profit. But why? Is PPC no longer an appropriate strategy? What has changed to lessen its effectiveness?

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I don’t know whether this last weekend left you drenched or scorched, but it hasn’t exactly been the sort of weather recently which allows you to plan a barbecue much more than about five minutes in advance. However, as I was recently rather optimistically checking that my barbecue is still in working order I got to thinking about how social media really ought to be more like a good barbecue.

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  A recent study by Google reveals that around 80% of Internet users will access the web from their smartphone by 2016, with 81% of smartphone owners already using their phones to ‘browse’ the web. The number of people using their smartphones for web access has been growing at an astonishingly rapid rate, but there… Read more »

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Do you have a UK based website business? Does your website include a shopping cart, user log in facilities, user preference settings (such as text size) or even advertising? Do you track your users for web analytics? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then here’s one more question for you…

Have you made the legally necessary changes to your website to comply with the new UK ‘cookie law’ which launched on Saturday 26th May?