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  I have often talked in previous blog posts about the importance of good quality web content, and the importance of article marketing within the context of today’s increasingly cynical and sophisticated search engines. From blogging and article writing to web content development, the one thing which underpins the vast majority of online marketing today… Read more »

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In the last week Google engineer Matt Cutts spoke at a conference, during which he gave away a great deal about how to optimise content for web pages, blog posts and articles for marketing. In fact although what he said was revealing and fascinating, it’s how we’ve been approaching the process for some time, but… Read more »

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see inside Google’s head? We’re talking metaphorically here of course, but in fact there is a way in which you can make Google reveal a little of what’s going on underneath the hood (if that isn’t mixing metaphors too much). One of the aspects of today’s SEO… Read more »

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So you’re about to sit down and punch out another 800 word SEO article for your business. Have you considered the alternatives? Don’t get me wrong, well written search engine optimised articles which take full advantage of the very latest understandings in areas such as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are still hugely powerful and effective…. Read more »

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If you still think that SEO is all about keywords and densities, then that may be the reason why you’re still not #1 on Google’s search results. Although search engines today will certainly take keywords into consideration, they’re a good deal smarter than this these days. Google’s spiders and bots can do a good deal… Read more »

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One of the most important aspects of SEO is thinking carefully about Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI. But unfortunately if there’s one aspect of SEO that is constantly misunderstood, it’s LSI. Just this week I’ve seen three in depth blog posts by people who really should know better, informing people confidently to use plenty of… Read more »

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A quick search online will easily reveal a number of people expounding the view that it is impossible to optimise web content or articles for the algorithms used by search engines implementing Latent Semantic Indexing. An almost identical search will also reveal just as easily a wealth of experts advising that optimising content for Latent… Read more »